A Chanderi Legacy

A Chanderi Legacy:

Chanderi is amongst the best known handloom fabrics of India. It’s a centuries old intricate hand weaving technique of producing finely textured fabrics of silk and cotton embellished with zari.

The fabric gets its name from the town of Chanderi, situated between the hills of Vindhyachal in the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP). The Chanderi town produces three kinds of fabrics: Pure Silk, Chanderi Cotton and Silk Cotton. With around 3,500 looms in working condition, 18,000 people are directly or indirectly dependent on this industry for their living.

The Chanderi fabrics are known for their sheer texture, low weight and a glossy transparency that sets them apart from textiles produced en masse in factories. Traditionally, the fabric was woven using very fine hand spun yarn, which accounted for its delicate texture. Outfits made from this luxurious fabric are unmistakably classy and sophisticated.