The Vibrant Marigold

The Vibrant Marigold:

Ah, marigolds! It’s hard to imagine the season of bloom in India without this vibrant flower. It embodies the sun, and all its colour and energy. The flower has a huge spiritual significance in India. They are almost always used for decoration and offering at auspicious occasions across the country.

In Indian life, colours always hold a special importance, which makes the displaying of marigolds even more significant. White is widely accepted as the color of peace and purity. Yellow symbolizes sanctity. Saffron, a soft orange color, is associated with renunciation.

The marigold flower is also source for a beautiful yellow dye. Like other natural dyes, this dye is a renewable and sustainable bio-resource product with minimum environmental impact. The marigold has been known since antiquity for its use, not only in coloration of textiles but also as a medicine and a food ingredient.