About Us

Who We Are

Svara means voice.

It embodies the firm’s goal of reviving ancient art forms by providing a conducive business platform for weavers and artisans to express themselves. We work towards providing them sustainable livelihoods by partnering with like-minded organizations to train them in design, communication and marketing. Besides sale of their products, we also aid them in sourcing superior quality raw materials, such as yarn and dyes, at reasonable prices.

What We Do

We source our products directly from weavers in remote villages of India, cutting out middlemen and their commissions. This ensures that the weavers are appropriately rewarded for their skill, hard work and enterprise.

We work hand-in-hand with the weavers to develop innovative patterns and designs, going beyond the traditional motifs. This form of collaboration and training is helping them expand their skill set and making their products more marketable to the fashionable buyers.

We sell their products through online and offline channels. We promote their crafts extensively through above-the-line advertising, events and social media marketing.

Our Partners

Svara works closely with Yashoda Foundation. Established in 2011, the foundation provides life-skills training and assists in employing orphan youth, thereby empowering them to lead dignified and productive lives. Svara strives to train and employ orphan youth for most functions, from customer service and billing to logistics

Svara's ikat collections have been developed in collaboration with the Disha Project, a partnership between India Development Foundation and United Nations Development Program, supported by IKEA Foundation.The project aims to train and develop 2000 women weavers in remote villages of Telangana to lead better and more productive lives.